Feed The Wave – Help Us Provide Game Day Meals for the Ashbrook Football Team

Thank you for taking time to consider partnering with the Ashbrook High School Football team during their 2017 Season. Please take a look below at what is involved in hosting a game day dinner. As a fellow minister to students and this year’s chaplain of the Greenwave football team, I want to thank you for your consideration and to encourage you to be a part. Not only will you have the opportunity to minister to these students by preparing a meal for them, you will be given a moment (8-12minutes) on that afternoon to share from God’s Word. Imagine the impact this ministry could have!

Thanks again,
Cody L Mummau
Youth Pastor – Bethlehem Church
Team Chaplain – Ashbrook Football

Football Schedule with Dates Still Remaining!

Football Schedule:
JV 8/17, Varsity 8/18 – @ Clover HS [Bethlehem Church]
JV 8/24, Varsity 8/25 – @ East Mecklenburg [Bethlehem Church]
                 Varsity 9/1 – East Lincoln [Life Church – Gastonia]
JV 9/7, Varsity 9/8 – Forestview
9/15 – No Game [Bye Week]
JV 9/21, Varsity 9/22 – @Burns [Venture Church]
JV 9/27, Varsity 9/28 – South Point [St. Michaels]
JV 10/5, Varsity 10/6 – Crest
JV 10/12, Varsity 10/13 – Kings Mountain
JV 10/19, Varsity 10/20 – @Stuart Cramer
JV 10/26, Varsity 10/27 – North Gaston (Dallas Area Churches???)
JV 11/2, Varsity 11/3 – @ Huss

Dates with strikethrough have been claimed

What Is Required of You:
Two Meals: You will be feeding two teams. The JV on Thursday and the Varsity on Friday. Meal time will be from 4:00-5:00pm generally
Volunteers: You will need about 4 volunteers to help prepare the meal on game day. It is relatively simple but it takes a small crew to do it.
Space: You will be hosting 45-50 people on game day for a meal. If your church does not seat that many but you would still like to host, you can lead the meal at Bethlehem Church’s Student Facility!
Message: You will be given the opportunity to share with these students a short devotional, a testimony, or an encouragement. We are asking that this be short (approx. 10m) and that it be rooted in Scripture. This is YOUR week to speak into the lives of almost 100 young men. Pray now!

What Is Provided to you:
Food: Food will be purchased by the Booster Club for this meal. It will be delivered to you prior to game day with the exception of the drinks ON game day.
The Team: The Team will come to you. They will arrive around 4pm most weeks. They will be ready to eat upon arrival. They will be with you 45-50minutes

Focus: It is game day. You don’t need to plan on music or lighting or anything entertaining. They will be focused and quiet. The setting should be as well. It is a pretty cool thing to be a part of.

Cost to feed The GreenWave:

$3.00 per player
Varsity – 50 (Players + Coaches) $150
JV – 40 (Players + Coaches) $120
Total Funds request to Purchase Food: $270
* We are asking churches to cover the cost of the meals as much as possible. All checks should be made out to  “Ashbrook Booster Club.” However, Inability to cover some or entire cost should NOT deter a church from saying yes!

For questions or confirmation:
Email – cody@bethlehembc.com
Text – (336) 213-0272

Middle School Only – Bowling Night Information!

We want to hang out with you! No agenda. No message. Music from the juke box. Bring your friends and have an awesome night out. This event is for Middle School Students only 🙂 Whether your hanging with your friends you see every day OR your connecting with people you haven’t seen in a month… Sunday night, August 20th is going to be fun. Here are the details:

EVENT: Middle School Only Bowling Night!
LOCATION: Liberty Lanes – 2501 S York Rd, Gastonia, NC 28052 – MAP
DATE: Sunday, August 20th
TIME: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
COST: Pre-Registration closed BUT PLEASE COME ANYWAY!!! Just $10 at the door

That’s it! So bring your game because Stuart says NO WAY your going to beat him! 😉

See you tonight!


Oh Snap… We Went There. A(us)OS

….and we’re on Snapchat. I know… don’t choke on your latte as you read this but check this out.

From the early days of Snapchat, we have encouraged students and parents to not install and use the app. In it’s original form, Snapchat provided students with easy access to trouble. We have walked several families through very trying times that were a result of poor choices with this app. As a youth ministry it wasn’t something we could encourage our students to use… and so we did not have a Student Ministry Snapchat.

Times have changed as has every social media platform.

Truth is… Since these electronic boxes called computers have come out and these tiny smartphones have occupied our pockets, people have found ways to use them negatively. Politicians using email for unscrupulous purposes, men and women having affairs through Facebook. All the platforms since Snapchat has hit the App stores have changed their format to imitate what has made Snap so popular. So really, at this point, there is no “safe” platform. Rather… as we should be saying all the time, it is about making right choices.

So this weekend, with the encouragement of some leaders around the country, a couple incredible articles written by some incredibly smart people, and three intelligent students, the decision was made for BC Students to enter the world of Snapchat. We may not change the entire world by doing this but we are praying that we can be an encouragement to students who will connect with us there.


  • Truth… Just about all of our students are communicating on Snapchat. We should be there.
  • Snap still has the potential for harm and we will be ever vigilant in protecting our students and the integrity of the ministry
  • Parents… if your child is on Snapchat… you should be too. No apps on phones that you don’t have a basic understanding.
  • Together… we CAN make a difference through EVERYthing that God has given us… including Snapchat. Follow us, as we follow Christ and proclaim HIM in this new (for us) way.

Keep praying for us as leadership! Oh and I guess we should say…

AMOS or should we say A(us)OS: bcstudentsnc

High School Only! THIS SUNDAY – Bowling Night Registration

We want to hang out with you! No agenda. No message. Music from the juke box. Bring your friends and have an awesome night out. This event is for High School Students only 🙂 Whether your hanging with your friends you see every day OR your connecting with people you haven’t seen in a month… Sunday night is going to be fun. Here are the details

EVENT: High School Only Bowling Night!
LOCATION: Liberty Lanes – 2501 S York Rd, Gastonia, NC 28052 – MAP
DATE: Sunday, July 16
TIME: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
COST: $8 if you pre-register (below) or $10 at the door

That’s it! So bring your game because Cody says NO WAY your going to beat him! 😉

See you Sunday! Now register here!!!

Student Ministry Welcome Tent Volunteers Needed

We need at least FOUR Parent Volunteers!
Would you consider serving on the BC Students Ministry team at Bethlehem Church? We need a couple volunteers at 9:00am and two at 10:30am. Your job? Hang out at the student ministry tent just outside of the Worship Center on Sunday mornings. Give out donuts to EVERYONE (Man people love those donuts,) help students find the Student Center, give out calendars, parent cues, etc. to parents… that’s it. This is a TOP priority for our team and we would LOVE to have you guys there! Interested? Fill out the form below!

Student Tent Volunteer Form

If you would consider serving with the BC Students Ministry Team... please fill this out!

Please wait...

Floating Goat Saturday – The F&B Student Takeover

Everyone of us needs a night to hang out with friends… in an awesome place… with good coffee, food, and friends…


We’ll have canoes and kayaks on the river! Bring your instruments if you play. Bring board games or card games

SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Use #YQTakeOver on Saturday for all of your coolio pics

RELEASE FORM: If you plan on riding a boat… download it!

High Schoolerssss… Kick off the summer right by connecting with others. Many of you are busy with work, camps, summer projects. Come relax at F&B and catch up with your friends for a couple hours.

Middle Schoolersss… All year you’ve wanted to come hang at F&B after YQ? THIS WEEK JOIN US FOR TWO HOURS OF F&B!

Here are the details:


  • Location: Floyd & Blackies Coffeehouse (137 8th Ave., Cramerton, NC) <- Click for map
  • Drop Off Info: Drop off between 5:45pm and 6:00pm. All student check in at Student Tent (NOTE: Please don’t arrive prior to 5:30pm)
  • FOOD: There will be NO dinner served. Eat prior to coming to The Takeover. Bring some $$$ to grab a dessert or a coffee.
  • Boats: We will be riding in canoes (the ones that want to). In order to do so, students MUST have a release form on file. Download one here and bring it with you!
  • Money Needed: The event is free… F&B Products are not. Support our friends at F&B by grabbing a snack while we are there! Check out the F&B Menu for all of their goodies…
  • Games: We will have board games, card games, and corn hole to play. Bring your favorite!
  • Music: Do you play? Bring guitars, keyboards, whatever. Let’s see what kind of jam session we can make!
  • Pick-up/Departure: Students are to be picked up by 8pm. Students may not leave with other students or other families without a note from parents.

PARENTS! Don’t leave! Sure… we called this the Student Takeover but we’d LOVE for you to come hang out at F&B and meet other parents. Grab a coffee while the students hang out, play, and float.


Student Camp Information! MUST READ!

Here are the details YOU need to know about SUMMER CAMP next week.

EMERGENCY NUMBER: Cody 336-213-0272 – Stephanie 505-385-2690


  • Camp Dates: June 19-23
  • Drop-off Time: Arrive at camp at 2:30pm on Monday (6/19)
  • Drop-off location: Crowder’s Ridge Camp. Please come to the back parking lot and park. Look for BC Students Check-In Table before unloading luggage! (DO NOT DROP STUDENTS OFF AT BETHLEHEM)
  • Pick-up Time: 10:00am on Friday (6/23)
  • Pick-up Location: Parking lot where you dropped students off! Please park and come to the await the arrival of our students!
  • Roomies: You will see who your cabin mates are when you arrive!
  • Wait… Where is Crowder’s Ridge?: Click Here for a map to Crowder’s Ridge Camp.

Cool information to know:

  • Team Name: Zulu
  • Team Color: Black
  • Packing List Schedule Etc…: DOWNLOAD STUDENT CAMP PARENT PACK**
  • Medical Release Form: Please download the Parent Pack above. Release form is mandatory and is in the pack
  • Participant Form: Please download the Parent Pack above. The Participant Form is mandatory and is in the pack

The Dealio on Phones

  • Yep… phones are a part of this year’s camp adventure. You can bring them.
  • Nope… phones will not be allowed in the worship building or during Bible study
  • Yep… if a leader finds that a phone has become a distraction… it will be taken
  • Nope… if you think you’ll be distracted by it, break it, lose it… leave it at home

Here is why… this year… the “AMP’d Award” is based on this. Download and read it all!

READ before you come!!

  • Take time each day to read James chapter 1! Read the whole thing. Pray about it. Meditate on it…






The Floating Goat at F&B! (6/17)

Join us for a night of night of board games, music, rides up the river in the canoe, and much more. This is a night for all BC Students to come, hang out and have fun. Bring a few bucks for a drink from F&B. We’ll have board games all over the place, cornhole and much more! There are a few things that you MUST know before you come though.



  • DATE: Saturday, June 17th, 2017
  • TIME: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
  • LOCATION: Floyd & Blackies Coffeehouse
  • COST: The Event is FREE (All drinks/food from F&B must be purchased)


GAMES – Do you have a board game that rocks!?!? Bring it! Kick it at one of F&B’s tables inside or an outside table as well. We may even bring extra tables for the fun of it!

INSTRUMENTS – Do you play? Bring it! Seriously. Let’s put together the coolest jam session EVER! Questions about it? Let me know.

FRIENDS – Want to bring a friend who doesn’t like church… to church… not in a church? Bring them this week. Bring any and all of your friends to come hang out!

MONEY – This isn’t required and coming to this event does NOT cost anything. However, you WILL want something from F&B so just come prepared. (CLICK HERE for their menu)


First… let us say that parents are invited to STAY! Come enjoy a night in Cramerton. Get to know other parents or connect with those you do life with already. BUT if you are just dropping off your student, here are some things you must know:

  • CHECK-IN – Upon arriving on Saturday evening, students are to check in at our official Check-In station (Just outside of F&B)
  • RIDE HOME – Students may only leave with you. They are not permitted to leave with any other student or family without written consent from you.
  • RELEASE FORMS – We will be taking rides in a canoe up the South Fork River. Adults will be in the canoes at all times. STILL, students MUST have a release form on file in order to go. If you are not sure you’ve submitted a release form to us… CLICK HERE to download one!
  • CASHOLA – Food and Drinks from F&B will cost $$$… Nothing else we do on that Saturday night will (games, canoe, etc.) Please make sure students have a bit of cash to buy at least a Coke from our friends… however, a milkshake from F&B is the bomb!