Student Camp Information! MUST READ!

Here are the details YOU need to know about SUMMER CAMP next week.

EMERGENCY NUMBER: Cody 336-213-0272 – Stephanie 505-385-2690


  • Camp Dates: June 19-23
  • Drop-off Time: Arrive at camp at 2:30pm on Monday (6/19)
  • Drop-off location: Crowder’s Ridge Camp. Please come to the back parking lot and park. Look for BC Students Check-In Table before unloading luggage! (DO NOT DROP STUDENTS OFF AT BETHLEHEM)
  • Pick-up Time: 10:00am on Friday (6/23)
  • Pick-up Location: Parking lot where you dropped students off! Please park and come to the await the arrival of our students!
  • Roomies: You will see who your cabin mates are when you arrive!
  • Wait… Where is Crowder’s Ridge?: Click Here for a map to Crowder’s Ridge Camp.

Cool information to know:

  • Team Name: Zulu
  • Team Color: Black
  • Packing List Schedule Etc…: DOWNLOAD STUDENT CAMP PARENT PACK**
  • Medical Release Form: Please download the Parent Pack above. Release form is mandatory and is in the pack
  • Participant Form: Please download the Parent Pack above. The Participant Form is mandatory and is in the pack

The Dealio on Phones

  • Yep… phones are a part of this year’s camp adventure. You can bring them.
  • Nope… phones will not be allowed in the worship building or during Bible study
  • Yep… if a leader finds that a phone has become a distraction… it will be taken
  • Nope… if you think you’ll be distracted by it, break it, lose it… leave it at home

Here is why… this year… the “AMP’d Award” is based on this. Download and read it all!

READ before you come!!

  • Take time each day to read James chapter 1! Read the whole thing. Pray about it. Meditate on it…






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