To simply see the needs we have right now… please scroll to the bottom of this post.
To learn why we are doing this… read on!

Thanks for stopping by. After writing the title, I wasn’t sure you would come but you did. This post is both a request and an information piece about what God is doing in the lives of our students. You are a big part of that and that is why I believe that God brought you here… to this blog post. So, please take a moment to read what is happening, why we are doing it, and how you might be used to change the life of a teenager with a couch (or a loveseat, a rug, a table… etc)

“A well designed youth space is an integral part of a well run student ministry” I read this not long ago when researching how we could better serve our students. I couldn’t agree with this statement more. The whole article “How To Design A Youth Room”encouraged us to move forward with some of our revitalization efforts. It is definitely worth the read (Click Here To Read) Overall, what we read caused us to see that much of where our students sit and the place that they worship was an afterthought. Students pick up on this quickly and soon believe that they too are an afterthought to their church. We knew things needed to change.

Comfortable spaces make it easier to pay attention! This year, we intentionally made the move to change our Student LifeGroups away Sunday morning. Our High School LifeGroup meets at the Student Center on Sunday nights from 6-8pm and our Middle School on Wednesday nights from 6-8pm. We’ve done this to allow students time together when they are most likely to engage in discussion… and we are seeing awesome connection! However our LifeGroup spaces are anything but awesome and we want to change that starting now. Our goal is to create 6 incredible “living rooms” along the sides of our student center where our life groups can meet. We’ve begun the process with one set of our couches and the response has been nothing short of amazing.

Here is our need:

  • Couches* – 10 three to four seat couches
  • Love Seats* – 10 two seat love seats
  • End Tables – 6 or 7 end tables to hold lamps, Bibles, pens, etc
  • Coffee/Center Tables – 6 or 7 tables for center of “Living Rooms”
  • Area Rugs – 5 Area rugs from 6′-8′ in length
  • Wall Picture Frames – Looking for ALL sizes of picture frames

*Couch/Love Seat Donation Guidelines

  1. We are looking for good quality furniture. Not necessarily fancy but in good condition.
  2. Furniture should have little or no pet hair on it at all. Ideally none because of allergies
  3. Absolutely no urine smell to it (have an honest friend do a sniff test for you)
  4. We can come pick up if needed!


Did You Know?

Currently, BC Students ministers to an average of 250 students per month! This year alone, we have seen 1000 unique students come through the door of the student center for one of our 4 services each week. On top of that, thanks to FCA we have served dinner to 7 area high school football teams, hosted YoungLife All Area Club, enjoyed an incredible KJ-52 concert and of course… 180 Weekend.

But You Said Revitalization… it can’t be just about couches, can it?

Entrance – Currently, we are in the process of installing 9 led lights overhead when you walk into the student center so that the first steps into our building are bright and inviting.

Kitchen – If you haven’t been to the student center in a while, you might be shocked by this one. With the number of students we feed a week, our oven and fridge just weren’t cutting it. Through some generous giving of finances and HUNDREDS of donated hours, our kitchen has been completely revamped with a double oven, a massive stovetop with 6 burners, a large griddle, dishwasher, deep sink and more! WOW!

Chairs – This year we brought in new, lighter and very durable chairs for our seating in the student center. These have allowed for our seating to be very portable and for clean-up to be made real easy. It has also eliminated the problems of stains on our super awesome chairs.

Floors – Starting with the kitchen floors, we will be revitalizing the floors of the student center. Hundreds of kids making traffic through the student center takes its toll over the years. We’ll remedy that soon!

Outdoors – One of our own students is currently pursuing his Eagle Scout badge. For his final project, he will be building an outdoor chapel setting by the lake. We will also be doing various landscaping projects by the summer of 2018!