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Location of Service: Bani, Dominican Republic
Dates of Service: July 20-27, 2018
Cost: $1300
Due Dates:

$800 by May 1, 2018
$500 by June 20, 2018


All people interested in going on the 2018 DR trip must submit an application. This includes former team members. To fill out the application online, CLICK HERE

Mission Trip Application - Dominican Republic 2018

This form is to be completed by EVERY potential trip participant (Leaders, Adults, and Students,) It can be completed online or by a hard copy available at Bethlehem Church.

All shirts are adult sizes. If you are a youth size, please mark Small

Current Home Address
Contact Information

Weird question but in order to keep you guys up to date on info, we will send occasional texts out. We are required to submit provider info to be able to do so.

Travel Document Info

To travel to the Dominican Republic you MUST have a Passport. If you do not currently have a passport, it is essential that you begin that process immediately.

Passport expiration date must be later than January 2019. If the expiration date is prior to 1/20/2019, you will need to renew your passport prior to travel.

Service Interest

God has gifted you uniquely in many ways. Often people try and list things they think might help on a mission trip even if it isn't something they are gifted with. Many times this leaves out the unique gifts God has given you. He might use your true gifts and passions in ways you couldn't imagine. So... go ahead and tell us how God has designed you!

Let us know your experience outside the US (missions or otherwise). Share locations, length of stay, and purpose of trip

Christian Experience
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(You can also pick up a hard copy application at Bethlehem Church.)

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