180 Weekend Small Group Leader Information


Thank you for considering being a leader with us at 180 Weekend this year! Would you take a moment to fill out the form below? Once we have your information, we will send you the info you need for 180. Thank you so much!

We get it... it isn't always clear cut. Just give us an idea of where you are as of right now.

We are just looking for the basics here. If you struggle to write it in this space, feel free to indicate that you will send an email and then send your answer to cody@bethlehembc.com

(note... if you have never lead, that doesn't disqualify you at all! We just like to know how best to prepare our team!)

We have some of the best small group leaders on the planet here at Bethlehem. Some of them will team up and some are flying solo in need of a small group leader partner. Some of our groups will have 2 college students leading. The more flexible you are... the easier we can place leadership for the groups!

If yes... we'll touch base with you before placing you!

Please connect with our student ministry page (BC Students - South) If you are unable to because of class, family, etc. but you will commit to watch the video after, please mark yes. Any questions that arise during your viewing of the event can be emailed to us!

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