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You made it! Let’s celebrate it! On Sunday, June 3rd, we will be recognizing our graduating seniors at the end of the 11am service. We want our church to celebrate with you! So come with cap and gown. Invite the relatives, the squad, and everyone who has poured into your life to come for this special Sunday.

THEN… On Sunday night at the BC Student Center (just below the church), we are having a grilled chicken cookout in YOUR HONOR! We want to spend the evening with you and your family. Come for some great food, great music, a time to reminisce, and a challenge for you as you head off into the next chapter of your life.

Here is what you need to do…


Grad Sunday Registration 2018

All grads wishing to be recognized on Grad Sunday need to register here.

So we can update you on any last minute changes or additions that may come up

Please write the full name of the school not the initials

Career? Military? University? Grad School for college grads? Let us know what is next -OR- leave blank if you are uncertain

Our church family often doesn't see the awesome people that serve in our church. Let us know if you serve within a ministry of our church.

Before we're done, we'd love to share a favorite memory you have with the student ministry here at Bethlehem (if you were able to participate) Adult grads... we would love to hear how the Lord has impacted your life through Bethlehem.

We have a very brief time in front with our students. However, if there is something you feel is essential for us to share. We will try. Let us know here.

We want you to bring anyone you wish to this dinner. Dinner for you is on us. Guests/families are $2/person.

Give us your best estimate. We will be grilling some incredible chicken. We don't want anyone left out.

Please wait...
… let us know your details so we can read them correctly from the stage. On this registration, let us also know if you can come be with us that Sunday night. We have the best grilled chicken on the planet. Dinner that night is ON US!! SWEET FREE MEAL.

INVITE… Sunday morning, invite anyone you want to come and share in your celebration. Grab pictures with people from all parts of your life on our Bethlehem stage after or down by the lake at the Student Center.

Here is a brief schedule of the day:
Morning Celebration of Grads
10:45am – Meet Pastor Cody by the stage to check in and walk through the processional. We’ll hang up the cap and gowns as well
11:00am – Sit near the front right (as you are looking at the stage)
11:50am – When Pastor Dickie draws the message to a close and the band appears on stage… move to doors at the front right of the auditorium
11:55am – We will introduce the Class of 2018 to Bethlehem Church

Grad Dinner
6:00pm – Grad Sunday Dinner begins! (Families invited… please RSVP)
6:30pm – Fun and Connection
6:55 – Worship
7:15pm – Conversation on 18 years of preparation
7:25pm – Challenge to Grads and HS Students rising…
7:45 – Final song and dismissal

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