Thanks for clicking the link to get here (we really appreciate it) Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch. Registering does NOT guarantee that your home will be used. As the date approaches though, student registrations come in fast and furious. We need homes ready to go for our admin team to use. We WILL let you know what is happening as we progress.

Need more info? Download our Host Home Info sheet by clicking here -> Host Home Info


Host Home Registration - 180 Weekend 2018

This form is to be filled out completely by all new and returning host homes.

We had homes all over Gaston County and even in Clover last year. Knowing this up front helps us map out our possibilities.

Knowing about pets doesn't exclude anyone from being a host home. Every once in a while, we encounter students that have a fear or allergy. It helps us to make sure everyone is placed correctly.

We try our best to connect you with students that you request. If you are a parent requesting to host your child's group... no problem. That rocks.

We will try to place 2 leaders per group. Please consider the number of students plus 2 leaders when entering your "Max Capacity." Make note that students do not require a bed or even a couch. Floorspace counts. Also, take transportation into consideration.

Please make any notes here that you would like us to be aware of when preparing groups. This is your space to communicate to us.

We ask host homes to think creatively. Many host homes have partnered with other adults in LifeGroup or neighbors to help during the weekend. It can be fun to involve other people!

Leading the 3 small group studies is not a requirement to host. It is incredibly rewarding for those who do. If you are not sure right now, please check the best available selection and keep in touch with us!

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