You’ll face trials in life, no doubt about it.

But God will use them to free you.

In fact, sometimes what others expect will enslave you, God uses to liberate you. He’ll use them to set you free from the expectations and opinions of others.

The Bible says it like this: “You let captors set foot on our neck; then we went through fire and water and you led us out to freedom” (Psalm 66:12).

God wants you to be free. The Bible says the truth will set you free. But truth often comes with a high cost.

Our family is no different from your family! We have gone through difficult times and trials and troubles.


Tammy and I REFUSE to live in fear and worry anymore. We are living for an audience of one. Sometimes God uses tough times to wean you off an addiction to other people’s approval. You just don’t need it to be happy!

Trust God’s plan not your pain!

If you need prayer, email us.

We care about YOU!

Pastor Dickie and Tammy

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