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We are SO thankful for our 180 Weekend Small Group leaders and Host Homes. Without them, 180 Weekend would not be possible! So, for those of you considering and praying about leading a 180 Group in 2019, THANK YOU! Please take a moment to read over the information, the expectations, and then please fill out our Small Group leader registration.


  • WHAT: 180 Weekend 2019
  • WHEN: Friday, February 1 through Sunday, February 3
    • PLUS: Wednesday, January 30th is rally180 if you are able to make it
  • WHERE: Locations will be Bethlehem Church, Student Center, Host Home, and possible ministry opportunity
  • COST: Nothing for our leaders


TESTIMONY: Each leader will come from a different background than the next. All of us are at various stages in our walk with Christ. However, it is essential to understand that there are certain requirements for leadership (even for a small group on a weekend.) By registering to lead a 180 Weekend group, you are sharing your commitment to walk in a manner worth of your calling in Christ Jesus (Eph 4:1) This is especially true in the areas where our students are struggling. Sexual purity, alcohol and drug usage, language, etc.

PRESENCE: Each leader will be expected to be present with group for the duration of the event. From Friday evening through service on Sunday morning.

MATERIAL: Each leader will be given small group material. It is expected that each leader will take devoted time to spend in prayer and study over the material and Scripture passages PRIOR to 180 Weekend. We are asking that no leader wait until the day of the event to “glance over” the material.

THE MAIN THING: We are asking that each leader team be sure that the time with our students is spent focusing on the study itself as well as the application of the truths discovered. This is not the time to introduce new spiritual practices or teachings not previously discussed with the student ministry leadership at Bethlehem. Keep the focus on the study at hand, the reading of God’s Word together, discussion, and prayer.

FUN: Our students want to have FUN with you. By registering, you are committing to spend time with them, get to know them, and have FUN with them!



2019 Small Group Leader Registration - 180 Weekend

All leaders need to register for 180 Weekend. Please do so ASAP!

All size are adult. No differentiation of women/men shirt.

** Not a college student? Don't answer this one! We get it... it isn't always clear cut. Just give us an idea of where you are as of right now.

We are just looking for the basics here. If you struggle to write it in this space, feel free to indicate that you will send an email and then send your answer to

(note... if you have never lead, that doesn't disqualify you at all! We just like to know how best to prepare our team!)

We will absolutely try to pair you with the age group you requested. Before we make a change, we will definitely consult you!

OK... will you lead in your home? Do you know what home you'll be in? Do you need us to find a home for you to be in?

We have some of the best small group leaders on the planet here at Bethlehem. Some of them will team up and some are flying solo in need of a small group leader partner. Some of our groups will have 2 college students leading. The more flexible you are... the easier we can place leadership for the groups!

If yes... we'll touch base with you before placing you!

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