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  • Dates: Starts Wednesday March, 20th
  • How Long: 9 weeks (Wednesday after Easter off)
  • Time:
    • 5:30p-6:15p Dinner at Student Center (Optional)
    • 6:30-7:30p +/- Study
  • Location: Bethlehem Church LifeGroup House (Brick house on hill above church)
  • Who: Any parents/guardians with teens.
  • Cost: No cost for study (Dinner is $2/person)


Without question, most of usvparents have said that we are glad we don’t have to be raised in the current adolescent culture. The problem is, our teens do! The biggest challenge a we face is learning how to transfer the principles and values we hold dear, to ou teen who is growing up in a contrary culture. Parents are frustrated with how to make an impact, and our teens are equally unsatisfied and disappointed that they’re not learning the necessary skills to make it in today’s world.

Together we’ll learn from Mark Gregston as he shares his wisdom gained from forty years of working and living with teens and helping their families. As the founder of Heartlight,a residential counseling center for struggling teens, Mark has gained proven insight and understanding, and now shares those concepts necessary for every parent to make a connection with their teen; aconnection that offers real help, and ushers in hope for every teen.

Understanding the influences a teen must deal with today calls for a new way of parental engagement and a shift in parenting styles. Mark’s authentic relational model will enlighten you with creative and successful ways to deal with today’s issues and develop deeper relationships within your family!

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