Could it be that God may be calling you to get baptized this Easter Weekend?? We are baptizing at our South Campus at 7PM on Friday and Saturday and on Sunday morning at 9:30 & 11. We are also baptizing at our West Campus on Sunday morning at 8:45 & 10:15!!

Baptism is not some optional ritual to be delayed or postponed. It signifies your inclusion in God’s family. It publicly announces to the world, “I am not ashamed to be a part of God’s family.” Jesus commanded this beautiful act for all in his family.

Why is baptism so important? Because it symbolizes one of the purposes of your life: You are a Part of the Family of God!

Baptism declares your faith, shares Christ’s burial and Resurrection, symbolizes your death to your old life, and announces your new life in Christ.

It is also a celebration that you are a part of God’s family!

Your baptism is a physical picture of a spiritual truth. It represents what happened the moment God brought you into his family.

Baptism doesn’t make you a member of God’s family; only faith in Christ does that. Baptism shows you are part of God’s family.

Like a wedding ring, it is a visible reminder of an inward commitment made in your heart. It is an act of initiation, not something you put off until you are spiritually mature.

The only biblical condition is that you believe.

We have made it very simple to sign up to be baptized!

Click here and you will be on your way to taking your next step with Jesus!

If you have questions about baptism, email Pastor John Whitaker.

God bless you!

Pastor Dickie and Tammy

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