Here is the basics of what you need to know. The why comes after

  • What: Twelve – Nine Nights For Seniors
  • When: 2nd Wednesdays From September-May (See below for Schedule)
  • Time: 8:30p – 9:30p
  • Where: Bethlehem Church Student Center
  • Who: All 12th Grade Students
  • Cost: Free (light snacks provided)
  • Why: See Below
No cost to register
Registration guarantees you a book and a journal
Please register

Class of 2020, this year, we have set aside NINE nights between September and May for you.
This is for all seniors. Seniors that are a part of Bethlehem or seniors that you want to invite.

Why? Over the next few years, you will be making some of the most important decisions in your life. College, major, career, spouse, car, house… and on and on. We feel these are important to prepare for.

Many times it seems that the senior year is the and ending, a culmination. We don’t see it that way at all. The clock may be striking TWELVE on your high school career but rather than seeing the day as coming to an end, we celebrate the new dawn. The new day! Your entire life up until this point has been in preparation for the end of this year. We want to join you and your family during this final year to make sure your send-off is awesome.

How? We have put together a once a month get together for our seniors. From September through May, seniors from every school are invited to join us at the Bethlehem Church Student Center. We will be examining everything from your burden, your passion, your vision, and your mission. We will also talk about next steps for each of our seniors. How to remain plugged into their faith and the church! PLUS it will be that final year of connecting with other seniors that are preparing to take the same steps as them.

2019/2020 Schedule

  • September 11th – The Starting Line (Theme Night!: Favorite Team Jersey/Shirt)
  • October 9th – On The Road
  • November 13th – Burden
  • December 13th – Passion (Theme Night!: The Tropics! <- For all of you Winter haters)
  • January 8th – Vision
  • February 12th – Mission (Theme Night!: Graffiti Party)
  • March 11th – So Now What? (4 week Discipleship Journal begins)
  • April 8th – Plugged In
  • May 13th – Class of 2020 End of Year Celebration (Dinner, Games, Videos, and a special commissioning of the senior class)

Other important dates:

  • February 7th-9th – 180 Weekend. One last HUGE Weekend. Be a part of a 180 FIRST this year. Details coming soon
  • June 7th – Graduate Sunday (Seniors are recognized by a video recap of the year!)
  • Summer 2020 – Mission:NYC with Pastor Boto in Jackson Heights
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