This fall we have made major changes in the way we do student ministry at Bethlehem Church. For the first time, Bethlehem has a ministry for MIDDLE School Students! We also have a ministry that is serving our High Schoolers! This obviously shifts our schedules a bit. We hope that ALL of our Middle Schoolers and their families will join us on this journey. We are praying that these changes will help to better equip our Middle Schoolers to meet the unique challenges they face in their culture, connect with other Middle Schoolers seeking to pursue Christ, and to lead peers into a relationship with Jesus. If you or a middle schooler you know has not been connected with BC Students for a while… this fall is an awesome time to re-connect! MSM Starts September 13th at the BC Student Center!

CLICK HERE to download your FALL Middle School Ministry Calendar

Weekly Events

Sunday Mornings at Bethlehem!

Join us for a combined student worship service at the BC Student Center. We will have identical services at 9:30a and 11:00a

Eat Breakfast With Us: Every Sunday in the student center, we serve breakfast for 30 minutes prior to each service for FREE! Typically a pancake breakfast with the occasional biscuits and gravy. Come and chow down before church!

What to expect: Students come dressed casually. We hang out before service, eat breakfast, and enjoy time together. The countdown on Sunday will begin at 9:30 and 11:00 (to give you an extra couple minutes to make it down the path). The student band will lead with live music every Sunday morning. We will have a teaching from the Bible that will impact your life right now.

What to bring: It is helpful to bring your Bible if you have one (don’t worry, if you don’t we have one for you.) Try and bring something to write with. We’ll have notes so you can follow along and have something of take home value.

We would be SO excited for you to join us THIS week!

Wednesdays – 6:00p to 8:00p

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