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Worship Team Auditions THIS SUNDAY

AUDITION DATE: Sunday, August 25, 2019AUDITION TIME: 1:00pmREGISITER: CLICK HERE We are excited about the new school year starting! This is an invitation to all students who are interested in volunteering for our Youth Worship Team.…

Ever struggle with anger?

Hurt people hurt people. When someone hurts you, it’s because they’ve been hurt. Unkind people have never felt kindness. Unloving people feel unloved. When someone is rude, bitter, unkind, sarcastic, mean spirited, or arrogant, they are shouting with all of their behaviors, “I am in pain! I need massive doses of love! I do not feel secure!” On the other hand, the person who feels deeply loved and deeply secure is generous and gracious to other people.

Let's get together.

To strengthen your faith, you must connect with God in worship. Worship is for God, but it also has benefits for you. Here are two of the biggest benefits of corporate worship: It renews your faith, and it restores your joy. Isaiah 40:31 says, “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint”.

Why do we have a Sabbath day?

We all must make a conscious decision to make time for things other than work. If we don’t, we’ll never rest. I make a conscious decision about how many hours I’ll work each week, and I try to stick to it. I encourage everyone to do the same. Otherwise, we’ll quickly burn out.

If you only read one thing THIS!

Many people, including Christians, think they only have to show respect for people with whom they agree. Nothing could be further from the truth! As a believer in today’s world, there are many activities in our society which I clearly disagree.