When we experience setbacks, our most common response is our worst response: We want to withdraw, to build a wall around ourselves, to push people away.

But that’s the last thing we should do.

When setbacks leave your faith weak, you need other people to trust God for you. You need a church family to help support you.

When Job lost his family, finances, and health, it was a devastating setback—just as it would have been for anyone.

But here’s what one of Job’s friends told him: “Don’t let your anger and the pain you endured make you sneer at God…Others have praised God for what he has done, so join with them” (Job 36:18, 24).

That’s great advice. When you’re in the midst of troubles, don’t get bitter. Join with others who can pray with you, worship with you, and support you.Where do you find that kind of support?

First, join with others for worship at a local church. Worshiping with other people will give you a new perspective on your setbacks.

Second, get involved in a Life Group. You need a group of 10 to 12 people where you can not only study the Bible, but you can also share your pain and pray with others.

You won’t find a comeback on your own. You need God’s people to build you up and help you focus on God.

It’s a huge step toward your comeback. Just ask Paul. He wrote this about the support of other Christians as he sat in a Roman prison: “Because you are praying for me and the Spirit of Jesus Christ is helping me, I know this trouble will bring my freedom” (Philippians 1:19).
With the support and prayers of God’s people, your setback is only temporary. Your best days are ahead!


Email Tammy and me with your prayer requests WE LOVE YOU!

Pastor Dickie and Tammy

Relationships are always worth restoring.

Life is all about learning how to love, and God wants us to value relationships and make every effort to maintain them instead of discarding them whenever there is a rift, a hurt, or a conflict.

In fact, the Bible tells us that God has given us the ministry of restoring relationships. For this reason a significant amount of the New Testament is devoted to teaching us how to get along with one another.

The apostle Paul taught that our ability to get along with others is a mark of spiritual maturity. Because Christ wants his family to be known for our love for each other, broken fellowship is a disgraceful testimony to unbelievers. This is why Paul was so concerned that the members of the church in Corinth were splitting into warring factions and even taking each other to court.

He wrote, “Shame on you! Surely there is at least one wise person in your fellowship who can settle a dispute between fellow Christians” (1 Corinthians 6:5). He was shocked that no one in the church was mature enough to help resolve the conflict peaceably. In the same letter, he said, “I’ll put it as urgently as I can: You must get along with each other” (1 Corinthians 1:10).

If we want God’s blessing on our lives and we want to be known as children of God, we must learn to be peacemakers. Jesus said, “God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God” (Matthew 5:9).

Notice Jesus didn’t say, “Blessed are the peace lovers,” because everyone loves peace. Neither did he say, “Blessed are the peaceable,” who seem to never be disturbed by anything. Jesus said, “Blessed are those who work for peace” — those who actively seek to resolve conflict.

Work for Peace today!  If Tammy and I can pray for you and your family, please email us.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Pastor Dickie and Tammy

Thank you for your gifts to Bethlehem Church! God has called us to help the hurting and give hope to the discouraged- Your gifts allow us to do just that! Click here to give online- God bless you!

Join us for a week in New York City sharing the Gospel and ministering alongside of Pastor Boto in Jackson Heights!

These week is very strategic to the work of Jackson Heights Community Church as we intentionally send out short-term mission teams to sift among Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and other seekers who are being drawn to Christ in Jackson Heights. Why Sifting? We trust Jesus’ promise that when the Holy Spirit comes “He will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment” (John 16:8). Our team will partner and join with our local church to sift through the largely immigrant neighborhood identifying those persons who are under conviction from the Holy Spirit through dreams, restless hearts, or simply openness to a Gospel witness. Our week will be filled with prayer, worship, training, witnessing, serving, temple visits and of course enjoying ethnic food and fellowship. We will be very intentional in learning about Eastern religions and having a deeper understanding of Eastern worldviews and culture in the context of our diverse neighborhood. We will greatly multiply their efforts to engage and look for “persons of peace” who are hungry to hear the good news of God’s Salvation.

Here are a couple basic things your need to know now:

Dates of trip: July 6-13 (Sat-Sat)
Cost of trip: $575/person
Deposit Due: ($100) May 15
Who can go?: High School Students and older

FIRST! Fill out the mission team app: High School Mission Week Application

(Please note that you will be taken to the Bethlehem Church site. To fill out the app, you will need to get a Bethlehem username and password. Instructions will be given there.)

We are headed back to Crowder’s Ridge for Summer Camp 2019!  Camp is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to build relationships with one another and to spend time with God, offering the opportunity for an experience like you will not partake in anywhere else!  We will be attending camp June 17 – 21, 2019 along with several other Middle School groups!

Once we have everyone registered, we will compile a cabin list (you will only bunk with students from Bethlehem, and there will be one adult leader in each cabin).  Students are to be dropped off at 2:00 pm on Monday, June 17; and can be picked up Friday, June 21 at 10:30 am.  There will be a packing list sent out as we approach camp time, as well as an announcement about which tribe we will be a part of (and the color of that tribe!).

Please note:  we do not allow students to have cell phones at camp for any reason.  A list of all leaders phone numbers will be made available prior to camp.  We only have spots for 65 students, and those spots will go QUICKLY, so be sure to register and pay your deposit as early as possible, as paying your deposit is what secures your spot!  You can pay online HERE by simply selecting ‘Youth Summer Camp’ in the giving type.  If you are paying your deposit, please put ‘MSM Camp 2019 Deposit’ in the memo section. Any questions can be directed to stuart@bethlehembc.com, and I CANNOT wait to hang out with all of you this summer!

What: MSM Summer Camp 2019 @ Crowder’s Ridge

When: June 17 – 21, 2019

Where: Crowder’s Ridge

130 Camp Rotary Rd, Gastonia, NC 28052

Total Cost: $299 (due by June 9, 2019)

Non-Refundable Deposit (this goes toward your total camp cost): $75 (Due March 30, 2019)


Summer Camp 2019 Registration

This form is for our Middle School Camp. Please be sure to carefully select the correct camp you will be attending. This form is not for our Children's Camp.

Parent Guardian Info

This is essential information that we need. Please share a valid email address with us so we can be in contact about camp!

You will receive a confirmation email following the submission of this form. Please be sure to check you SPAM folders.

Middle School Camp is for students that have just completed 6th-8th grade.

If you currently attend BC Students MSM, we should have MOST of your information already! Yay. If you do not attend BC Students MSM, we may follow up your registration with a request for more info!

When you click the Submit button below, you will be taken the the PUSHPAY giving site for Bethlehem Church. This is where our online payments will be taken for the deposit and the balance of your camp registration fee. Please select Camp from the "Giving Type." If you are not paying today, that is OK. Just return to PushPay or bring the funds in when you can.

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You’re not reading this by accident.

God knew before you were born that you would be reading this.

He planned to get your attention for just a few seconds so he could say this to you: “I’ve seen every hurt in your life, and I’ve never stopped loving you. You matter to me. I love you more than you will ever know.”

God is saying, “I want the rest of your life to be the best of your life. I’m with you, and I’m for you. I want to save you from your past. I want to save you for the purpose for which I made you. And I want to save you by my grace. If you’ll let me do that, I will give you peace with me, peace of me, and peace with other people. But you have to open the door and receive my Son Jesus Christ.” 

If you gave me a birthday gift and I never opened it, you would be disappointed. And it would be a worthless gift, because I don’t receive the benefit of a gift I never opened.

Jesus Christ is God’s gift to you.

Jesus Christ says to you, “I can replace the frustration in your heart with peace. I can replace the guilt, resentment, shame, and grudges with forgiveness. I can replace the worry and anxiety with confidence and faith.  I can replace depression or despair with hope. I can replace emptiness with meaning and purpose. I can replace confusion with clarity. But I’m not going to break down the door of your heart. You have to invite me in.

“It makes no difference who you are or where you’re from. If you want me and you are ready to do as I say, the door is open.”

It doesn’t matter what your religious background is – Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, Buddhist, Baptist, Hindu, or no religion. This is not about religion. God didn’t send Jesus to give you religion. He sent him so you could have a personal relationship with God. It’s all about relationship.

Below is a very simple prayer. If these words express the desire in your heart, read them as if you are talking to God.


Dear God, I’m scared, but I want to get to know you. I don’t understand it all, but I thank you that you love me. I thank you that you were with me even when I didn’t recognize it. I thank you that you are for me, and that you didn’t send Jesus to condemn me but to save me. 

I admit I never even realized I needed a Savior, but today I want to receive Jesus to be the Leader and Forgiver of my life. I ask you to save me from my past, my regrets, my mistakes, and my sins. Save me from myself. 

I ask you to save me for your purpose. I want to know why you put me on this planet. And I want to fulfill what you made me to do. I want to learn to love you and trust you and have a relationship with you. 

I need peace with you, God, and I need you to put your peace in my heart. I need you to take away the stress and fill me with your love. Help me be a peacemaker and help others find peace with you and each other. In your name I pray, amen. 

If you prayed that today or if you have other prayer needs, email Tammy and me.

God bless you!!

Pastor Dickie and Tammy


We have organized a great time for parents and small group leaders to connect over a delicious breakfast! Please come to join us on October 7 from 8:30-9:45 before Sunday morning service! To RSVP please complete the form below.

During this time we will have an area for students to hang out while adults have time to connect. Don’t worry about them eating! This is the same day as Pancake Sunday and they will have plenty to eat then!

We have a wonderful opportunity to serve the Hunter Huss and Bessemer City Football Teams during the months of September and October!

I really need some help pulling these events off. Would you be available to help with any of the following dates? If so please complete the registration form below to sign-up for the dates you can help!

  • Thursday, Aug 30th Hunter Huss JV. Food needs to be prepared and ready to serve by 3:45pm
  • Thursday, Sept 20th Hunter Huss JV. Food needs to be prepared and ready to serve by 3:45pm
  • Thursday, Oct 4th Hunter Huss JV Food needs to be prepared and ready to serve by 3:45pm
  • Friday, Oct 12th Bessemer City Varsity Food needs to be prepared and ready to serve by 3:45pm
  • Thursday, October 18 Hunter Huss Food needs to be prepared and ready to serve by 3:45pm

The meals are simple! Chicken, green beans, potatoes are great or any pasta dish such as spaghetti, lasagna, alfredo etc. with toast will be perfect.  I’ll buy the supplies and have them ready for you to prepare when you arrive at the West Campus.


Are you a student that just left elementary school?

Getting ready for Middle School?

Maybe you’re a parent of a rising 6th Grader…


Join BC Students for Upgrade from August 20-22nd. Each evening students are going to have a BLAST as they prepare to enter Student Ministry and of course enter Middle School. With EVERYTHING that will be thrown at them this year in their new environment… it is SO important for students to have a safe space to come, have fun, hang with friends, and grow in their faith. In this space, they will also be equipped and challenged to go and make a mark with the Gospel of Jesus. IT ALL STARTS HERE AT UPGRADE!

WHEN: August 20-22nd
TIME: 6:00p – 7:30p each evening
WHERE: BC Student Center*
COST: Free!
FOOD: YES!! We will have food each evening

What Should Students Expect?

Monday: (6:00-7:30pm)

Parents… before you leave (if you want to leave.) Please take a moment to fill out an info sheet for your student. We should have most of their info but we want to be sure it is complete.

Students… On Monday night you will learn about everything that makes our student center so incredible. You will learn about Jungle Pong, check-in, exploding kittens, carpetball, mission trips, student camp, lucky buckets and SO. MUCH. MORE!!! By the end of the night, you will be a PRO at what we do here!

Tuesday: (6:00-7:30pm)

POOL PARTY!!! In order to get the address for our pool party (which you ALL are invited to) you need to register below. Why? BECAUSE WE NEED TO KNOW YOU ARE COMING! We’re bringing food. It is at the home of one of our awesome leaders. We have a lifeguard coming… We just need to know. Once you register, an email will be sent with the address to the party. REGISTER TODAY (See Below)

Wednesday: (6:00-7:30pm)

2018 Student Ministry Open House. This night is for the ENTIRE FAMILY. This will be our rising 6th grader’s first venture into the Student Center with the rest of our students. However… TONIGHT IS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. Please Parents… Please Parents… Please Parents do not drop students off and leave. Stay with us. Learn about the year of student ministry coming up. On this night we’ll share our plans for Summer Camp 2019. Missions opportunities in the coming year. Discipleship emphasis. All sorts of things that are important not just for students but for the WHOLE FAMILY. Please stay with us!



Date: Sunday, August 19
Time: 12:30-2:00pm
Location: BC Student Center
Cost: Free
Food: Lunch provided – Please RSVP (below)

We are SO excited about the 2018/2019 Student Ministry year! One of the things we are SO excited about is how God is going to USE you and how he is going to GROW you as you serve the students and families of Bethlehem Church and our community. To get the year started, we are inviting ALL of our volunteers (info table, greeters, kitchen, lifegroup leaders, etc.)

Please RSVP (below)! We will have homemade baked spaghetti for lunch and a SPECIAL treat to follow. We need to know ASAP if you will be in attendance so we can have enough.

What To Expect

  • Vision for the 2018-2019 year
  • Core values of our student ministry
  • Some important policies and procedures (zzzzzz… wait NO they are important 😉
  • Calendar of the upcoming year
  • Review of the mandatory reporting policy
  • Time of prayer for our students and ministry year to come!


  • This year, on ministry days/nights, we are asking everyone to wear the all new super cool Volunteer T-Shirts. Get yours for free at the kick-off!
  • Take home our 2018/2019 Volunteer Handbook
  • LifeGroup leaders… get your LG2018 trading card pic taken… no we are serious.


PLEASE RSVP BELOW (email all questions to cody@bethlehembc.com)

2018 Student Ministry Volunteer Kick-Off RSVP

Please RSVP if you ARE COMING and Please RSVP if you ARE NOT COMING! Trust me it helps

Please share with us the email address where we can correspond with you about student ministry. Thank you!!!

Just for kicks. If you are coming and you are bringing a spouse and a child, you would enter 3. Why? Because you (1), spouse, (2), and child (3). Dogs do not count and neither do unicorns

Please wait...



Are you a teenager? …the parent of a teenager?

COOL! We want to meet you! (or see you again)

We want to hang out with you, answer questions you may have, and share a bit about who we are.

Join us Wednesday night, August 22, at 6:00pm for the Student Ministry Open House and Family Cookout! We’ll eat together, our student band will lead in worship, and then we’ll discuss the AWESOME year in student ministry that is about to get started. Together we’ll learn about…

  • This year’s discipleship emphasis
  • Upcoming activities and events for students to participate in (including an ALL-NIGHTER!)
  • Student LifeGroups
  • Camp and Missions Opportunities for 2018/2019
  • 180 Weekend Dates
  • PLUS a special charge for students/parents going into this school year!

We DEFINITELY want to walk with you and your family on this journey. Join us at the Open House to learn how to get plugged in and to let us know how we can best serve you!

See you there!


  • Date – August 22, 2018
  • Day – Wednesday
  • Time – 6:00p-8:00p
  • Meal – Burgers, Chips, Drink for just $2!
  • Bring – Yourself, Family, Friends.