BC Students MSM First Annual JUNGLE PONG TOURNAMENT!!!!!


We are having the FIRST annual BC Students MSM Jungle Pong Tournament on Wednesday, July 11th.  Whether you have never played or are a certified Jungle Pong Beast, this tournament has a spot for YOU!  The beauty of Jungle Pong is, that in a large game, skill isn’t always what wins!  If you are interested in participating, just fill out the form below so we make sure we get you into the right bracket!

If you just want to come hang out and watch some crazy Jungle Pong action, that’s totally cool too!  Just bring $2 for food We will have Marco’s Pizza!) so you have something to nom on while you watch the action!


Event Name: Jungle Pong Tournament

Date & Time: Wednesday, July 11:00 from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Cost: $2 for food

What to Bring: YOURSELF (& a paddle if you have one!)


Event Schedule:

6:00 – 6:30 – Dinner and Bracket Reveal

6:30 – 8:15 – Jungle Pong Tourney

8:15 – 8:30 – Awards Ceremony



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MSM 8th Grade Girls MoveUP Event Info/Registration!!

Hello 8th Grade Ladies!  (Fellas, if you’re on this post, that’s cool – just don’t register, it’s a girls only event).

We are SO EXCITED to celebrate your time in Middle School.  Guess what?  YOU MADE IT!  You’re just a few short weeks from being high school students, and that is AWESOME!  Because this is an awesome step in your life, we want to make it a time that you’ll never forget.  Your awesome LifeGroup Leaders have put together an evening full of swimming, food, fun, and possibly sleep (or maybe not.  no, probably not.).  Below, you’ll find a list of what you need as well as times and locations.  As always, any questions can be sent to bcstudentsnc@gmail.com!



Wooten Home & South Campus Student Center

DropOff Date & Time: Friday, June 1 @ 6:00pm – 5525 Tillery Lane, Gastonia, NC

Pickup Date & Time: Saturday, June 2 @10:00am – Student Center @ 3100 Bethlehem Church St, Gastonia, NC


What to Bring:

Bathing Suit & Towel

Change of Clothes


Sleeping Bag/Pillow & Blankets





6:00 pm – Arrive @ Trisha’s house ready to swim!

7:00 pm – Dinner! (Chicken & Steak NACHO BAR!)

8:00 pm – Bonfire (Weather Permitting)

11:00 pm – Relocate to Student Center

8:30 am – Breakfast

10:00 am – Pickup @ Student Center


REGISTRATION (so we know how much food to get!): 

8th Grade Girls MoveUp Registration

This weekend is going to be AWESOME! We are looking forward to seeing YOU at the 8th Grade Girls MoveUp event!!

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That’s all folks!  Can’t wait to see YOU there!


Grad Sunday Information – Register Here!

You made it! Let’s celebrate it! On Sunday, June 3rd, we will be recognizing our graduating seniors at the end of the 11am service. We want our church to celebrate with you! So come with cap and gown. Invite the relatives, the squad, and everyone who has poured into your life to come for this special Sunday.

THEN… On Sunday night at the BC Student Center (just below the church), we are having a grilled chicken cookout in YOUR HONOR! We want to spend the evening with you and your family. Come for some great food, great music, a time to reminisce, and a challenge for you as you head off into the next chapter of your life.

Here is what you need to do…


Grad Sunday Registration 2018

All grads wishing to be recognized on Grad Sunday need to register here.

So we can update you on any last minute changes or additions that may come up

Please write the full name of the school not the initials

Career? Military? University? Grad School for college grads? Let us know what is next -OR- leave blank if you are uncertain

Our church family often doesn't see the awesome people that serve in our church. Let us know if you serve within a ministry of our church.

Before we're done, we'd love to share a favorite memory you have with the student ministry here at Bethlehem (if you were able to participate) Adult grads... we would love to hear how the Lord has impacted your life through Bethlehem.

We have a very brief time in front with our students. However, if there is something you feel is essential for us to share. We will try. Let us know here.

We want you to bring anyone you wish to this dinner. Dinner for you is on us. Guests/families are $2/person.

Give us your best estimate. We will be grilling some incredible chicken. We don't want anyone left out.

Please wait...
… let us know your details so we can read them correctly from the stage. On this registration, let us also know if you can come be with us that Sunday night. We have the best grilled chicken on the planet. Dinner that night is ON US!! SWEET FREE MEAL.

INVITE… Sunday morning, invite anyone you want to come and share in your celebration. Grab pictures with people from all parts of your life on our Bethlehem stage after or down by the lake at the Student Center.

Here is a brief schedule of the day:
Morning Celebration of Grads
10:45am – Meet Pastor Cody by the stage to check in and walk through the processional. We’ll hang up the cap and gowns as well
11:00am – Sit near the front right (as you are looking at the stage)
11:50am – When Pastor Dickie draws the message to a close and the band appears on stage… move to doors at the front right of the auditorium
11:55am – We will introduce the Class of 2018 to Bethlehem Church

Grad Dinner
6:00pm – Grad Sunday Dinner begins! (Families invited… please RSVP)
6:30pm – Fun and Connection
6:55 – Worship
7:15pm – Conversation on 18 years of preparation
7:25pm – Challenge to Grads and HS Students rising…
7:45 – Final song and dismissal


8th Grade Guys MoveUP!!


You made it!  You’re at the end of your eight grade year and about to make the jump into High School!  Before we get there, we want to give you one final ‘hurrah’ and have a night we all come hang out at the student center to celebrate this HUGE moment in your life!  Here’s the info you’ll need to know:


Friday, May 11 at 6:00 pm (Drop-Off)

Saturday, May 12 at 9:00 am (Pick Up)


Student Center @ Bethlehem Church South Campus

What to Bring:

Change of Clothes

Sleeping Bag/Pillow and Blankets

Toiletries (suggested not required)

Game System and/or TV (if you have one – they will be secured when not in use)


NONE!  This is totally FREE!

Registration (So we know how much food to get!): CLICK HERE

8th Grade Guys MoveUp Registration

This weekend is going to be AWESOME! We are looking forward to seeing YOU at the 8th Grade Guy's MoveUp event!!

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6:00pm: Arrive and set up game systems

6:30pm: Learn to Grill (Cook Steaks)

8:00pm: Bonfire w/S’mores

9:30pm: Come inside for FORTNITE (and whichever other games you wish to bring – please no ‘M’ rated games)

8:00am: Breakfast

9:00am: Pickup


That’s it!  Can’t wait to see YOU there!

ServeOp: Gastonia Rotary Garden (Saturday, May 5)

Let us know you are coming by CLICKING HERE

ServeOps: Rotary Garden

Let us know you will be a part of the ServeOp at the Gastonia Rotary Garden on May 5th from 9:00am-1:00pm

Please wait...

Place: Rotary Garden of Gastonia Volunteer Event
Address: 320 East Franklin Boulevard, Gastonia, NC 28054
Date / Time: Saturday, May 5th 9:00 – 1:00
Services Needed:

  • Garden box cleanup
    • Refill Dirt
    • Pick Weeds
  • Grounds cleanup
  • Vegetable Stand Build

Garden box cleanup :

  • Garden has tools and two wheelbarrows, however additional wheelbarrows and shovels will make work quicker. Garden has dirt at the site (picture 3 below)
  • 29 Boxes need weeds picked and be refilled with dirt.


Bible and Biscuits – Seven Tuesdays – Seven Essential Principles of Manhood

Do you like food?
Do you like free food?
Then check this out…
This coming Tuesday (4/17) from 6:30-7:15am, I want to invite every High School Guy to Bojangles (on South New Hope Rd) for the first week of Bible and Biscuits – Seven Tuesdays – Seven Essential Principals of Biblical Manhood.
The first week the biscuit is ON ME! That’s right… FREE BREAKFAST.  I’ll buy for every High School Guy that shows up for the first week of our conversation. CLICK HERE TO LET US KNOW YOU ARE COMING!

Bible and Biscuits

Do you know what you like at Bojangles... let us know here and we'll let Bojangles know.

Please wait...
(No cost, just helps us prepare)
Here are the dates:
4/17 – Real Faith
4/24 – Real Discipline
5/1 – Moral Boundaries
5/8 – Squad
5/15 – Good Choices
5/22 – Leaders Must Follow
5/29 – Selflessness
6:30-7:15am Every Tuesday
What to Bring:
$$ for food – Except the first week… we’ve got that one
Bible – Source of all truth
Pen/Pencil – Write what you learn
What to Expect:
Discussion not just a teaching. We’re going to talk through some of the essential things every guy needs to know about being a man of God. Critical stuff to know before leaving HS.
Let us know you are coming!

Bible and Biscuits

Do you know what you like at Bojangles... let us know here and we'll let Bojangles know.

Please wait...
and simply let us know you are planning to come. (That’ll help us prepare Bojangles)
If you are bringing a NON-DRIVING student, please feel free to stay and eat. There will not be rides to the various schools following the study. My VW is awesome… just not that fast 🙂

Laser Quest Information/Registration



Join MSM as we take over Laser Quest for the Middle School Battle Royale! 

We will meet at the Student Center at 10:30am and leave Bethlehem Church at 11:00 am on Saturday, March 24. We are heading to lunch at the Carolina Place Mall Food Court in Pineville, NC (be sure to bring some money so you can eat!)  From there, we will go to Laser Quest (also in Pineville) and be in the building by 1:30, with our first game starting at 2:00 and our second game immediately following.  After our games are completed, we will all ride back to the Student Center, arriving approximately 3:45 pm for pickup.  Bring your game face and let’s see who comes out on top!

Date: Saturday 3-24-17

Cost: $17 per student
(PLUS food money for the food court at Carolina Place Mall)


Laser Quest Registration

Join us on the Middle School adventure to LASER QUEST!

This is a Middle School trip. All students participating are to be in the 6th-8th grade!

See the instructions on how to pay online right here on our page at www.bcstudentsnc.com

Please wait...
and to secure your spot on the van (35 spots total)


PAYMENT: Super Important 😀
If Paying In Person: Checks/Cash must be received BY Youthquake (3/21)
Online Payment Instructions: (Online Payments due BY Thursday 3/22 at 11:59:59pm)

  1. Visit our secure Pushpay site
  2. In amount paid enter “$17.00” for each student you are paying for.
  3. In “Giving Type” select “Youth Ministry Activities”
  4. In Memo type the student(s) names you are paying for PLEASE DO THIS OR IT WON’T CREDIT PROPERLY!
  5. Submit! Sweet! Game On (Be sure they are registered)
  6. OK… Now that you know WHAT to do… CLICK HERE TO PAY ONLINE


  • 10:30am – Arrive at Bethlehem Church (South Campus Student Center)
  • 11:00 am – Time of Departure
  • 11:30 am – Lunch at Carolina Place Mall
  • 2:00pm – The Battle Begins (Take Down Stuart!)
  • 3:15 pm – The battle ends
  • 3:45 pm – Time to Pickup students from the Student Center!

College For A Weekend in April! REGISTER TODAY

Important CFAW Documents:

Attention Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors!

Join HSM as we travel to Lynchburg, Virginia for Liberty University’s College For A Weekend!

You’ll experience life at Liberty from the perspective of a college student.

  • Stay in the dorms
  • Eat on campus
  • Attend Division I athletics
  • See a major concert
  • Ski, swim, explore, and so much more!

The cost for the entire weekend is just $50. This includes your 9 meals for the weekend! Please read the instruction sheet to register with our group. You MUST register/pay through Liberty U. All details are in the downloadable “How To” form.


Because choosing a college is a major decision that will impact the rest of your life, Liberty University’s College For A Weekend (CFAW) lets you experience life at Liberty firsthand and decide if it is right for you.

We will stop for one meal on the trip up and back, and the students may want to try the Snowflex Center, which costs $10. So, $25-$30 of spending money should be sufficient. There is also a concert, paintball and horseback riding at an extra cost. Check for those costs online at www.liberty.edu/cfaw.

The $50 registration fee covers meals from Thursday supper through Sunday lunch, housing in a dorm room (probably on the floor!), and admission to Convocation, student activities, athletic events, etc. Check out the downloadable info sheet at the top of the page for help.


Your child will stay in the dorms, eat at the cafeteria, go to classes, etc. But, there are many informational activities for parents. You will need to secure a hotel room for the weekend. We recommend the Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott . Hotels on Wards Road are adjacent to the campus, but not within easy walking distance. (The only hotel within easy walking distance is the Fairfield Inn.)


We will make sure the kids arrive safely at Liberty and will get them all checked into their dorm rooms and help with planning their agenda for the weekend. After that, they are pretty much on their own as a college student. We will have ONE meet-up event each day.

For example, we will meet for Convocation on Friday, we will meet at a predetermined place on Saturday, and we will meet for church on Sunday morning. I will do a quick head count, make sure everyone is alive and well and taking full advantage of the weekend, and then everyone is free to go enjoy. I will have everyone’s phone numbers and I will make sure they have our phone numbers. But, the students will primarily be ON THEIR OWN to experience COLLEGE FOR A WEEKEND.

Summer Camp Details – Middle and High School Information

Summer Camp 2018

This year, BC Students will attend Summer Camp at Crowder’s Ridge during two different weeks. The first will be for our Middle School students followed by a week for our High Schoolers. On this page you will find information, dates, times, release forms and registration. First we’ll give the specifics for each age group and then if you go further, more details on the camp itself as we get that information.

Middle School Camp (Students that are completing Grades 6-8)

  • Date: June 18-22nd
  • Cost: $299
  • DEPOSIT INFO: $75 Deposit due by March 31st!
  • Participant Form: >DOWNLOAD FORM< Must be filled and turned in by June 1st

We are excited that, for the first time, Crowders Ridge is holding a legit “Middle School Camp!” The entire camp will be filled with JUST Middle Schoolers (and yes, leaders too.) We have 45 spots reserved for this camp. Register ASAP to save your spot.

FIRST: Registration for Middle School Camp is now closed. Email stuart@bethlehembc.com if you wish to be placed on a waiting list

SECOND: Paying for camp is easy! As we have noted above… if you register for camp, you will automatically be taken to our PushPay site. Bookmark that site and come back if you need to -OR- just return here and use our link. You can also bring cash/check to our student ministry table at Bethlehem. Spots are not reserved until a deposit has been received.

High School Camp (Students that are completing Grades 9-12)

  • Date: June 25th-29th
  • Cost: $299
  • DEPOSIT INFO: $75 Deposit due by March 31st!
  • Participant Form: >DOWNLOAD FORM< Must be filled and turned in by June 1st

For the first time, our High School Students will be setting off to camp as a group! Our Middle Schoolers will have just finished camp as we are preparing to go. We only have 40 spots for our High School Students this year. Make sure you get your spot ASAP! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR CAMP

Summer Camp 2018 Registration

This form is for both our High School and Middle School Camp. Please be sure to carefully select the correct camp you will be attending. This form is not for our Children's Camp.

Parent Guardian Info

This is essential information that we need. Please share a valid email address with us so we can be in contact about camp!

You will receive a confirmation email following the submission of this form. Please be sure to check you SPAM folders.

Middle School Camp is for students that have just completed 6th-8th grade. High School Camp is for students that have just completed 9th-12th grade.

Middle School registration is now closed

If you currently attend BC Students, we should have MOST of your information already! Yay. If you do not attend BC Students, we may follow up your registration with a request for more info!

When you click the Submit button below, you will be taken the the PUSHPAY giving site for Bethlehem Church. This is where our online payments will be taken for the deposit and the balance of your camp registration fee. Please select Camp from the "Giving Type." If you are not paying today, that is OK. Just return to PushPay or bring the funds in when you can.

Please wait...

FIRST: Register for camp. All students MUST go through our registration process first. When you click submit, you will receive a confirmation email AND you will be take to the PUSHPAY site to pay your deposit. If you wish to bring cash/check to our student ministry info table… no problem. Please note that spots are not reserved until a deposit has been received.

SECOND: Paying for camp is easy! As we have noted above… if you register for camp, you will automatically be taken to our PushPay site. Bookmark that site and come back if you need to -OR- just return here and use our link. You can also bring cash/check to our student ministry table at Bethlehem. Spots are not reserved until a deposit has been received.


Packing List, Schedule, Etc coming in April 2018

MISSION TRIP 2018: Information, Application, and More!

This is an evolving post! Bookmark this page and comeback as necessary. For right now, here is the most important information you will need to know.

Location of Service: Bani, Dominican Republic
Dates of Service: July 20-27, 2018
Cost: $1300
Due Dates:

$800 by May 1, 2018
$500 by June 20, 2018


All people interested in going on the 2018 DR trip must submit an application. This includes former team members. To fill out the application online, CLICK HERE

Mission Trip Application - Dominican Republic 2018

This form is to be completed by EVERY potential trip participant (Leaders, Adults, and Students,) It can be completed online or by a hard copy available at Bethlehem Church.

All shirts are adult sizes. If you are a youth size, please mark Small

Current Home Address
Contact Information

Weird question but in order to keep you guys up to date on info, we will send occasional texts out. We are required to submit provider info to be able to do so.

Travel Document Info

To travel to the Dominican Republic you MUST have a Passport. If you do not currently have a passport, it is essential that you begin that process immediately.

Passport expiration date must be later than January 2019. If the expiration date is prior to 1/20/2019, you will need to renew your passport prior to travel.

Service Interest

God has gifted you uniquely in many ways. Often people try and list things they think might help on a mission trip even if it isn't something they are gifted with. Many times this leaves out the unique gifts God has given you. He might use your true gifts and passions in ways you couldn't imagine. So... go ahead and tell us how God has designed you!

Let us know your experience outside the US (missions or otherwise). Share locations, length of stay, and purpose of trip

Christian Experience
Please wait...
(You can also pick up a hard copy application at Bethlehem Church.)