Family Promise is committed to helping families who are homeless in the surrounding area to achieve lasting independence. They do this by providing safe shelter, meals, day care and support services for these families. Area churches help provide shelter, meals and support on a rotating basis. That is where you are needed!

At the Bethlehem Church North Campus we will house families May 19-26 and we need your help! The 6 volunteer roles we need help with are listed below.

1. SET UP TEAM: This team’s role will be to get everything in place for the families arrival. Volunteers will be scheduled to arrive at the church at 1:00 pm on Sunday, May 19 to unpack the trailer. Work to be complete by 3:00 pm (6 volunteers needed)

2. TEAR DOWN TEAM MEMBER: The Tear Down team will be scheduled to arrive at the church on Sunday May, 26 at 6:30 am Their role is to put everything back on the trailer. Someone in this group will take the trailer to the next church with a van provided by the church. Everything that came out of storage has to go back in storage. (6 volunteers needed)

3. LAUNDRY TEAM: This team’s role is to pick up the bedding and towels on Sunday, May 26. It is normally about 10-15 loads of laundry. Once the laundry is done, it will be returned back to the church. (2-3 people needed)

4. GREETER TEAM : This team is in charge of making families feel welcome. You will be scheduled to open up at 5:00 pm and stay until 6:00 pm when the meal team arrives. This role is needed Monday, May 20 – Saturday, May 25. (1 volunteer needed per day)

5. MEAL TEAM: This team helps prepare meals for the families. This volunteer will be scheduled from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm Sunday, May 19-Saturday, May 25. You can prepare the food at the church or bring it in. (2 volunteers suggested per day)

6. OVERNIGHT VOLUNTEER: These volunteers are scheduled to spend the night at the church. The purpose of this role is to give the families a contact person during the night if they need someone.  You will have a chance to connect with the families and make this night special for them. On May 19-May 23, the overnight volunteers will stay from 8:00 pm until 7:00 am the next morning; on Friday May 24 volunteers will stay from 8:00 pm-9:30 am then next morning; and on Sunday, May 25 the volunteer stay from 8:00 pm until 6:30 am the next morning. (At least 2 volunteers per night needed, married couples preferred or friends of the same gender, parents can also make this a family service event by bringing the kids along)

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