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Be patient with God and with yourself!!

One of the frustrations of life is that God’s time is rarely the same as ours. We are often in a hurry when God is not.

You may feel frustrated with the seemingly slow progress you are making in life.

Remember that God is never in a hurry, but always on time. He will use your whole life to prepare you for your role in eternity.

There are many things that work to keep us from completing our life-missions. Over the years, I’ve decided that perhaps the worst enemy you and I have is discouragement. If Satan can’t get us to put off our life mission, then he’ll try to get us to quit altogether. The apostle Paul teaches that we […]

How do you let go and let God take control of your life? First, you have to make Jesus the manager of your life. The problem is, we usually want to be the manager of our own lives, and so we argue and disagree with God. We think we know what’s best. The reason you’re […]

When you became a believer in Christ, you were born again into God’s family, and you cannot be unborn. Although the fellowship with God can be broken by sin, the relationship is still there. You’re only one step away from returning. So, what should you do when you sin? One word: Return! Come back to […]

What are the things you’re worried about? Your relationships? Your health? Your bills? Your kids? Are you worried about the future? The fact is there are a lot of reasons to be afraid in today’s world. But God’s promise is that, even in your darkest valleys, he is walking beside you! It’s interesting to note […]